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Hi all, thank you for visiting the Fur Baby site we hope that you will find something wonderful for your precious pooch to enjoy.


Growing up with the family dog (Nutmeg) was enjoyable and has left me with many fond memories. Over the years we’ve had a few varieties of toys for her to try out but she has two that she enjoys the most. Her soft plush toy we call ‘Teddy’ with which she only sucks/nibbles on gently ever since she first came into the home – it has been nearly 10 years now and is looking quite rough. Her other favourite is a soft or rubber ball, I think she likes that she is able to chew down on it when playing fetch.

My most fond memories of our Nutmeg is when we are playing fetch, I like the joy that comes from these times and like to think these are some moments she also enjoys.


It can sometimes be overwhelming walking into a pet store searching for the perfect toy for your pooch. Sometimes searching online is the easiest way and you can price compare at one touch to make sure you are getting the bang for your buck and online shopping is becoming more and more accessible.

You won’t have to worry about not being within driving distance to a pet supply store to find your pooches first or next toy. Helping to make pet toy purchases easily accessible as well as price comparing in one place is what I hope to achieve – a budget for everyone.


The goal of Fur Baby’s is to bring your pets toy shopping to one place and find that new or existing toy for your special pooch to bring them joy.

Maybe you don’t have time to pass by the pet store but you want to get a toy for your pooch whether it be for a reward, replacement of another toy or just want to try something new I hope that you can find something worth your interest right here and they can find much enjoyment from it.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,




  1. I am a dog lover myself so reading your article makes me smile. Your article is well written but keep in mind in this day and age people want to see pictures. You may not know how to do that yet and that is OK but photos would go a long great with what you are talking about. Unfortunately people don”t read like they used to and you formatted your article very well with the subtitles and the text for each is not long at all which is a good thing. Keep in mind I am not a nitpicker but others are so when you finish writing your articles hit spellcheck so you have the correct spelling on your words. I can tell you are an animal lover and that is awesome! You will be able to write passionately about something you love!
    I have had dogs my entire life and the unconditional love they give you is priceless! They don’t care how much money you make or what you look like, and I have found in my own life that once you bond with them, I enjoy them more than they enjoy me that”s for sure! I forget sometimes their keen senses especially when it comes to hearing and smell. So you touching on the 5 senses is a great idea and well thought out. So just keep in mind for down the road adding pictures to go with your articles will keep your readers/customers more engaged. So in conclusion I really enjoyed reading your article and hope you have much more to come.

  2. My Doberman has a toy lime green kong bone that she loves. it’s huge and she loves to show it off to other people. her other attachment is to her leash, most likely she associates it with going for a walk which of course is her favorite thing to do. She will carry that thing around all day. It’s very funny and cute until she starts dropping it on the hardwood floor ON PURPOSE lol… it bangs so hard, and she also knows how to push it down the stairs SMH. As you can see I really appreciate this site and I’m looking forward to all of the advice.

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