1. I really appreciate this post, I have an older Dobberman and she has a very funny love-hate relationship with her toys. When we get her a toy that squeaks, she literally will not rest until she dislodges the squeaky from the toy. We almost have to get her Kong toys because they are the only ones that can stand up to her abuse and attacks. Your advice on stimulating all 5 senses was priceless, if you know anything about Dobermans, you know that they want ALLLLLLLLLLL of the attention ALLLLLL of the time. Paying attention to all five of her senses when providing her with a toy will give us (The rest of the family) more free time. I love dogs so I really appreciate this post, this is useful to all dog owners. Thanks again

    • I hope that using some or all of these tips can help you keep your Doberman occupied for a while longer. I know it took a while to get our family dog Nutmeg in the mood to play fetch and I would expect a similar outcome to some of these tips, but don’t give up. They might just need some persuasion like Nutmeg and playing fetch – she really enjoys it now.

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